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=Xenario=: THE page for Swedish fan fiction, and much more. No longer updated.
Ariane's Xena Warrior Princess Gallery: Large amount of very good screencaps from a growing number of episodes.
Ashera's Archive: Galleries and lots of fanfic, concentrating on pairings. No longer updated.
The Huge compilation of fan fiction sites.
AUSXIP: Australian Xena info page with informed daily updates and loads of other stuff.
Centaur For the Arts: Tanicentaur's site with fanfic and original pictures.
Fantasie: A Dutch site with lots of fantasy stuff, forum, links and probably more. I say "probably" because I don't speak Dutch, but since the webmaster was kind enough to link here I'm returning the courtesy. :-)
Hercules World Order: Extensive galleries and all kinds of stuff from the sister (brother?) series.
(Official) Lucy Lawless Fan Club: Finally.
Michelle’s Xena Picture Library: Vidcaps and official pics galore, sorted by episode. Lots of behind the scenes stuff too. No longer updated.
Mikes Xena Wallpapers: Loads of large screencaps and wallpapers.
The Official Hercules and Xena RPG: A fan site dedicated to bringing these long out of print rules (the D6 system used in the old Star Wars game) to the public. Under construction and not updated for a while, but as a Xenite and a roleplayer I couldn't resist putting up the link.
(Official) ROC Fanclub: Finally again.
Tom’s Xena Page: Unsurpassed archive for sounds from the first 4½ seasons. No longer updated and the picture galleries don't seem to be working (except for some older pictures), but maybe you'll get lucky...
The Unofficial Xena Role-Playing Forum: If you have more free time than me, go there and apply for a character. There are still famous names left.
The Wayring: A webring with creative diversity in the wake of Xena as its theme.
Whoosh: As close to the definite Xena site as you can get.
(Official) Xena Fan Club: Fairly frequent updates.
Xena Online: A large, comprehensive and active site with a lively forum.
Xena Online Resources: Another huge listing of Xena pages, sorted by categories. Not all links are active, but enough for years of browsing.
Xena: Warrior Princess at SF-Fandom: A relaxed forum for talking XWP.
The Xena Scrolls: A very contribution-friendly site with lots of graphics, including the elusive mystery boxes...


Ancient Ships: If Rob's Folly isn't enough for you.
AncientWorlds: Discussions and resources for history amateurs. Many nice tidbits.
Archaeologica: Daily updates of archaeological news.
Folklinks: Folk and Fairy-Tale sites: Exactly that.
Greek Mythology Link: A huge compilation of every aspect of Greek myth as presented in the ancient sources themselves.
Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd: The University of Texas has made this collection of excellent historical maps available.
Internet Classics Archive: Hundreds of Greco-Roman and other classical works translated into English.
Internet Sacred Text Archive: Zillions of religious texts for free.
Long Ago Captures: Large and growing screencap archive, specializing in historical movies.
Paper Trails: Port Cities in the Classical Era of World History: On historical ports. Fairly interesting for campaign purposes.
Regnal Chronologies: If you want to know the name of the ruler of a particular country during a particular year, you'll probably find him or her here. A giant compilation and a great source of inspiration for fanfic.
Scheherazade and her One Thousand and One Nights: Information and links about this subject.
The Silkroad Foundation: Many interesting things about ancient Central Asia.
Theoi Greek Mythology: Comprehensive reference of Greek mythical beings.


Ghost House Pictures: Sam Raimi's and Rob Tapert's production company.
LoDuca Music: Official page of Joseph LoDuca, the Xena/Herc soundtracks composer.
ROC Pictures: The site of Reneé O’Connor's production company.


Female Leads
Red Riding Hood: Not exactly Xena, but a female lead and some werewolves could be fun.

Male Leads
The Eagle: Formerly Eagle of the Ninth. Roman heroes vs Pict villains. Poor little empire.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: The two-part finale for the wizard kid.
Sinbad - The Fifth Voyage: Another movie about the Iraqi hero.
Spartacus: Blood and Sand / Gods of the Arena: Roman action by Rob. Since female fighter leads seem out of fashion in fantasy nowadays, this must suffice.
Sweaty Beards: A Viking comedy. Time will tell.
Thor: More Vikings, sort of. Marvel Aesir at any rate.
Your Highness: Fantasy comedy that seems intent on stepping into the shoes of The Princess Bride.

Mixed Leads
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader: Good source material, non-Disney company, seems promising.


Café Choffe: A tiny forum. So far, it has mainly been used for discussing RPG-campaigns with my friends (in Swedish), but feel free to drop by if you want to talk (in Swedish or English) about Xena, Whedonverse, or anything else. Note: This is the new site replacing the old adress. Lots of maps of real caves. Rumours, facts, previews and reviews about upcoming movies.
Dark Horizons: Rumours, facts, previews and reviews about upcoming movies and TV, many reviews. Collection of all kinds of dice. Of course.
Down for everyone or just me? Handy site for checking the status of any site.
EN World: The world's largest (probably) fan site for D&D.
Fantasy Fine Art Gallery: Galleries from and links to various artist's personal sites.
Flaky Pastry: Another webcomic: three women share a flat in a D&D-ish world. A gigantic site of history resources. For Swedes. A handy starting page for a day's surfing - and each visit makes the sponsors donate to charity.
Gozzy' Several random map generators.
The Griffin Castle: Some really good amateur maps for D&D minis.
The Guild: Online comedy/drama on the woes of WoW-ers. Provides websites with cheap rates and good support.
The Hunger Site: No preaching. You go there, click on the button, and that's it. For each click, the sponsors of the site donate a small sum to fight world hunger.
I Can Has Cheezburger: Cat pictures. Funny ones. Lots of them.
I Has a Hotdog: Like I Can Has Cheezburger, only...well, not.
J!NX: They sell clothes with nerd themes.
MEB: Home of webdesigner Måns Björkman. In Swedish.
The Movie Timeline: Fun compilation of various fictional historical events in movies.
Mozilla Firefox: Free browser with lot less loopholes than IE. And a very secure pop-up blocker. Yes, of course I use it myself.
Nix: Blocks phone salesmen. Only useful for Swedes. VERY useful for Swedes.
Nodwick dot com: Nice D&D-related webcomics.
Order of the Stick: A very funny comic, D&D-based. The site itself is called Giant In the Playground and has a nice D&D forum. Galleries and more from a huge amount of photographers, many with hundreds of pictures online.
Piruett: Delightfully nerdy blog with focus on RPGs. In Swedish.
retrofuture: Its Xena connection has faded with the years, but there are various news on cult TV and related stuff here. Scandinavia's largest RPG forum with lots of other stuff. An endless forum and much else besides.
SF-bokhandelns startsida: One of the largest SF-Fantasy bookstores in Europe.
SpywareBlaster: Free program that like Spybot gets rid of spyware, and also protects against many dialers.
Stora Sköndals kyrka: In Swedish, I used to work here and keep the link for sentimental reasons.
Sverok: Sweden's national gaming association, 95 000 members (not me, but I visit their forum sometimes ;-) ).
TableSmith: A simple interface for creating your own random tables. Part of the Mythosa webpage.
Television Tropes & Idioms: A vast amount of fun categories and a myriad of examples. Gossip and info about the upcoming Hobbit movie and its sequel.
Underdark: A Swedish D&D-miniatures community.
What's New with Phil & Dixie: A true classic in D&D-comics, now online.
Wizards of the Coast: The creators of Dungeons & Dragons; lots of info and downloads.
XKCD: Brilliant webcomic of "romance, sarcasm, math, and language".


Saltsjö-Duvnäs skola: This is where I teach.
Sofia Flodin - Mezzo-Soprano: Sofia's opera page.

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